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Special Use Permits

Wood Permits

Gogebic County residents may obtain a permit for a $10 fee which grants them permission to cut firewood for their personal use within county owned forest land. Gogebic County Forest area must not be occupied by a commercial timber sale and wood must be dead and down.  Conditions are outlined on the permit. These permits are issued as road restrictions/conditions allow.

Road Use Permits

Road Use Permits are required to be obtained when a party wishes to utilize a county owned roadway for access and/or to make improvements to an existing roadway.

Hunting Camp Permits

Dispersed Camping Permits

Dispersed camping is permitted within the county forest in areas over 1 mile from any campgrounds for periods of no longer than 14 nights.  Dispersed camping permit is required to be submitted and a copy is to be posted at the site. 

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