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Created under the authority of the Municipal Forestry Act P.A. 217 of 1931 and organized on July 22, 1943 by the Gogebic County Board of Supervisors. The Gogebic County Forestry and Parks Commission has a total of 54,408.90 acres under it's jurisdiction.  The county also has timber rights to an additional 374 acres.  Of these 54,782.90 acres, there is 40,300+/- acres of productive or harvestable land.  The majority of these lands consist of forest types including northern hardwoods, aspen, and conifer.


The difference (10,300+/-) is deemed nonproductive or limited harvestable land.  Acres falling under this classification include Hemlock stands, open areas, marsh, water, roadways, and certain forested lowland areas.


Within the County Forest there are six named lakes and several miles of rivers and creeks.  The Forestry and Parks Commission also operates three campgrounds within the County Forest.  Remote camping within the county forest is available only by obtaining a special use permit!

Gogebic County Forest Land Ownership Map

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