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Gogebic County Forestry & Parks Commission

County Forest Lands Dispersed Camping Permit

Permission is hereby granted to 

who shall be subject to all conditions listed herein which allow dispersed camping (tent only) within the Gogebic County Forest for no more than 14 nights as instructed below:

The permittee in consideration of such permission agrees to:

1.  Assume all risks and accept all liability which may be involved in entering upon and               camping within county forest land.

2. Permittee is responsible to verify the location of camp is distanced more than one mile           from any county owned campgrounds and is within the county forest boundaries.

3.  The permittee shall not interfere with normal county forestry and parks operations.

4.  Permittee shall be responsible for disposal of all rubbish and litter of any nature brought       upon the premises.  Failure to do so will result in a fine.

5.  Permittee will not interfere with wildlife or alter natural habitats.

6.  Neither sell, give away, nor exchange and material taken.

7.  This permit is valid for 14 nights from issue date.  

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